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NOMD Technologies is proud to offer - throught our partner "PINKELEPHANT" - the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of ITIL® and IT Service Management (ITSM) training and education program.

ITIL Defined

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of guidance developed by the

United Kingdom's Office Of Government Commerce (OGC). The guidance, documented in a

set of books, describe an integrated, process based, best practice framework for managing IT



ITIL Foundation Certification Course

ITIL Lifecycle Certification Courses

ITIL Service Strategy 

ITIL Service Design 

ITIL Service Transition

ITIL Service Operation

ITIL Continual Service Improvement     

ITIL Expert Certification Course

Managing Across the Life cycle (Official ITIL Experr Certification)





Education & Training Programs


Pink Elephant is proud to offer the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of ITIL® and IT Service Management (ITSM) training and education programs. Remember, more people come to Pink Elephant for their IT Service Management training and education than anyone else!

Self-Paced Learning
Classes are taken online at your own pace with no set schedule.
Instructor-Led Online
Classes are taken online and follow an instructor paced schedule at a specific date and time.
Public Classroom
Traditional classroom course offered at a specific location and date.
Onsite Classroom
Traditional classroom course delivered at the location and date of your choice.
ITIL Foundation Certification Course
ITIL Foundation         
ITIL Foundation Review        


ITIL Expert Certification Course
Managing Across The Lifecycle         
ITIL Lifecycle Certification Courses
ITIL Service Strategy       
ITIL Service Design       
ITIL Service Transition         
ITIL Service Operation         
ITIL Continual Service Improvement       




What is an ITIL® qualification?

The ITIL Certificates are designed as - IT Service Management - qualifications. They are aimed at all personnel who wish to become familiar with the best practices for IT Service Management, as defined in the OGC IT Infrastructure Library guidelines.

What does having ITIL® Certification mean?

The holder of the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management should be aware of the techniques, processes and functions in the core ITIL® publications of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement. He or she should be able to relate this knowledge to wider IT issues and to their own work environment.

How do I get recognized in ITIL®?

To get recognized in ITIL® as an individual you need to achieve certification by taking an ITIL® examination through a recognized exam centre. There are several levels to ITIL® certification and which one aim to reach will depend on your current career level and your aspirations for the future.

For companies wishing to adopt ITIL®, the route tends to be slightly different. The biggest decision is deciding if ITIL is right for you, and that requires an investment of time, collecting and reviewing information from the marketplace.

Why do I need an ITIL® Qualification?

The majority of people that consider ITIL® as a qualification do so for career and personal development reasons. Often this is driven by a change of job or career, where you notice that to get to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like ITIL (even if you have been involved in service management successfully for many years without it). In many advertised positions ITIL has become a prerequisite.

The majority of companies that implement ITIL® also encourage their employees to take the exams. If your staff has accredited ITIL® qualifications, then you can present your company as using ITIL®. This works particularly well where you tender for or supply to any large IT organizations or outsourcing companies.

Can I use the ITIL® Manuals only to study?

For foundation level you can, as the ITIL manuals contain pretty much everything you need. However it is hard work, and often your own interpretation of ITIL may be different to that required. If you are working on a shoestring budget, then this may be the only option open to you, but with all the extra study involved, your time may be better spent learning using an accredited course.

For the intermediate or diploma levels in is compulsory to attend an accredited training course.

What languages are the ITIL® examinations available in?

The Foundation examinations are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The Practitioner examinations are available in English only. The Service Manager examinations are available in English, German and Russian.

If I take ITIL® Foundation in another language do I still have to learn the ITIL terms in English?

Yes, you do. In the examinations you will find both the English as well as the Spanish terms. The ITIL® terms can be found in the exam requirements.

How long do I have to wait for the results of my multiple choice examinations?

For each multiple choice exam, every candidate receives the result paper and certificate within four weeks after the examination session.

How can I specify how my name should be printed on the certificate?

At the start of the examination session one fills in the Personal Data Form. On this form there is an item where you can specify exactly how your name should be printed on the certificate.

What happens if I fail an exam?

In the unfortunate case you failed an examination; you can take part in another examination session. This does not necessarily have to be at the same examination centre.

For the retake of a ITIL® Foundation examination you could for example turn to one of the Prometric Testing Centers. There is no limit to the number of times you can retake the examination.

What is Prometric and what is its role?

Thomson Prometric is a worldwide provider of computer based examinations. The - ITIL® Foundation examination is one of the examinations available in the Prometric Authorized Testing Centers.

What is the difference between EXIN and ISEB?

"We were asked by one of our major clients if there was a difference - we took the short route and had the controlling body officially clear the issue, Seala said. "According to Richard Wills of the OGC, the only difference between the two is that their respective services are offered in different parts of the world."

What is ISEB?

The Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) is a division of the British Computer Society. ISEB was created in 1990 from the Systems Analysis Examinations Board (which was set up in 1967). ISEB administrates examinations and issues certificates in a variety of subjects in the field of information systems engineering. A list of qualifications can be obtained from ISEB.