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How Can Pink Elephant Consulting Expertise Help You and Your Organization?

How and when to use external resources are very important decisions that can either fast track you on the way to achieving your desired results, or end with you wasting a great deal of money with little to no real lasting impact or value for your investment.

Trusted Advisors

Pink's Consultants fulfill a trusted advisor role to your IT Management project with strategic, tactical, and operational knowledge, skills and experience at the right place and at the right time to assist you towards achieving your improvement goals.

We can support your IT Service Management (ITSM) implementation project in a variety of different roles.


Working with established teams to support the design and documentation of specific ITSM processes.


We can engage at any phase of your project lifecycle with guidance, leadership and subject matter expertise to support ITSM improvement projects.


Support, advice and direction for senior ITSM Leaders embarking on strategic initiatives such as: visioning; policy making; IT governance design; IT value justification; critical path planning.

Achieving Results That Matter

Pink Elephant is recognized as the global leader in assisting organizations to understand ITSM and improve their ITSM operations.

Achieving results that matter is the ultimate goal of any ITSM improvement task or project! Whether your objectives are focused on targeted short-term improvements or your organization has envisioned a full transformation program, the building blocks (people, process and technology) remain the same.

At Pink Elephant our goal is to assist and advise you to turn your knowledge of ITSM practices into meaningful results. We have learned critical lessons on how to do this from the hundreds of organizations we have worked with - worldwide - over the past 20 years. Based on this practical experience we have developed an approach that can be right sized to your organization's objectives and resources.

Pink Elephant's ITSM Transformation Approach

In our view you need to take a full transformation lifecycle approach to translate ITSM knowledge into meaningful and valuable results. The lifecycle model you see below provides a brief glimpse into how Pink Elephant can support your organization in adopting, implementing and improving your ITSM strategy.

We adapt, size and enter at the appropriate point of this model based on your needs as well as your capabilities to support your organization's specific requirements.



ITIL® PinkBASELINE™ Process Capability Assessment

It's not only about knowing where to start, it's also about proving how far you have come!

As part of our transformation services Pink Elephant provides a set of repeatable and comprehensive assessment services related to ITIL Process Best Practices, ITSM Tool Compatibility and Organizational Change Readiness.

While comprehensive and deep assessments have an important role to play in transformation projects, there are times when a lighter approach to establishing a baseline or as a follow up assessment is more appropriate.

The PinkBASELINE assessment provides a workshop based fast track approach to conducting an onsite consultant led ITIL process assessment in six business days. The primary objective is to assess up to three processes against a set of capability criteria and critical success factors that ensure the process goals are achieved in a consistent and beneficial manner. Unlike a process maturity assessment based on a CMMi maturity scale such as our PinkSCAN™ service, the PinkBASELINE is primarily focused on assessing the current state against key process elements critical to business value. The PinkBASELINE assessment approach is specifically relevant for a single site assessment with a narrow scope of processes to assess in relationship to:

  • How do the current practices relate to ITIL best practices?
  • Are there measures that enable continual service improvement?
  • Are there adequate governance roles to manage and improve the process?
  • Is there a consistent approach to the process across groups?
  • Is the documentation at an appropriate level to enable consistent delivery?
  • Are the tools being used in a way that enables the process?

A PinkBASELINE will enable an organization to establish a gap and baseline assessment against best practices and rapidly identify a series of tangible improvement actions.

The PinkBASELINE assessment approach and timing is as follows:

  • One day planning and intake meeting held one to two weeks prior to the onsite assessment to identify the assessment objectives, scope, stakeholders and participants for the assessment interviews and workshops. This meeting should confirm the three processes to be assessed as well as provide direction for the customer organization about planning tasks related to scheduling and follow up actions required prior to the onsite assessment activities.
  • Three days of onsite discovery and assessment sessions will include:
    • Kick off session with assessment participants to explain the purpose, scope and context of the assessment
    • An ITIL overview for assessment participants
    • An interview with the assessment sponsor to identify and document future goals and directions, process governance and continual service improvement
    • Interviews and workshops with key process stakeholders (people who perform the process activities or are impacted by them) to understand the current practices related to the process being assessed
    • Identification of gaps, findings and recommended areas for improvement
  • One day preparation of short- and long-term recommendations in the form of an Executive Power Point Summary
  • One day presentation of the Assessment Findings & Road Map discussions related to the three in scope processes

Following a PinkBASELINE assessment, further consulting support can be provided to develop a prioritized roadmap and project approach.

Comprehensive Process Assessment (PinkSCAN)

  • For organizations wishing to engage in a CMMi based process maturity assessment, with wide participation and multiple processes including industry benchmarking, Pink Elephant provides our robust PinkSCAN Consultant led or Online Self Assessment service:

PinkBASELINE Deliverables:

  • ITIL Overview for assessment participants focused on the 3 processes being assessed
  • ITIL Process / Capability Criteria for the 3 processes
  • Presentation of results in an Executive PowerPoint report including observations and recommendations by process for improvement
  • Facilitated Roadmap discussion focusing on quick wins and mid- to long-term improvement actions related to the three in scope processes

When is a PinkBASELINE the right Approach?

  • The ITIL PinkBASELINE is ideally suited to an organization that wishes to quickly get an accurate but high level understanding of their current capability of practice for up to 3 ITIL processes for a single site
  • As a check-up or follow-up assessment to a full PinkSCAN Maturity Assessment to judge progress made against specific process areas
  • For an organization very early in their IT Service Management journey with little to no formal practices in place

PinkBASELINE Characteristics:

  • Six business days
  • Assess one to three processes
  • Single assessment site
  • Executive PowerPoint Gap / Baseline Report
  • Roadmap & next steps discussion

PinkBASELINE vs. PinkSCAN At A Glance:





Focused capability assessment & recommendations for improvements

In-depth maturity assessment as first step of major project plan


A quick review of process capability and critical success factors related to people, process, product and partner

A comprehensive and blended (online/on-site) discovery approach for establishing process maturity, benchmark comparison and cultural acceptance


Flexible discovery (meetings, workshops, discussions)

Structured online surveys supported by on-site validation workshops


High level Executive PowerPoint presentation focused on capability gaps and next steps recommendation

Detailed written report and executive presentation focused on current state process maturity, culture and next steps


A baseline (starting point) of what can be improved

Comprehensive & repeatable with industry benchmarking


3 processes, single site, with involvement of key customer staff

3-21 processes depending on customer need with wide involvement of staff across the organization


Organizations that wish to quickly get an accurate but high level understanding of their current capability of practice

Organizations that wish to have a broad view of the perception of current state ITSM process maturity across the organization


A quick gap analysis to jump start an ITSM project

A broad long term view of an ITSM project

To learn more about PinkBASELINE or to find out if it is right for your organization, call 1-888-273-PINK.



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